Honda City Sedan Offers Massive Discounts, Savings Exceeding Rs 1 Lakh

Honda Cars has rolled out enticing discounts and benefits on select models, including its popular sedans, the City and Amaze, valid until the end of February.

While the Elevate SUV remains excluded from the offer, prospective buyers can capitalize on substantial savings with the ongoing promotions.

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Discount Breakdown for Honda City:

Reports indicate that buyers stand to benefit from significant savings, with potential discounts totaling up to Rs 1.11 lakh on the Honda City.

This includes a discount of Rs 25,000 or complimentary accessories valued at Rs 26,947 for vehicles manufactured before December last year.

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Additionally, customers can avail themselves of an exchange bonus of up to Rs 15,000, along with a loyalty bonus of Rs 4,000.

Corporate incentives of up to Rs 5,000, coupled with a special corporate bonus of Rs 20,000, further sweeten the deal.

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For models manufactured from January this year onwards, a discount of Rs 15,000 or free accessories worth Rs 16,296 is on offer, along with an exchange bonus of Rs 10,000.

Extended Warranty Benefits and Amaze Discounts:

Honda Cars extends benefits through its extended warranty program, particularly targeting VX and ZX variants, with incentives amounting to Rs 13,651 for the fourth and fifth years.

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Additionally, an attractive benefit of Rs 36,500 is available on the Elegant Edition. Meanwhile, the sub-compact sedan Amaze boasts a hefty discount of Rs 92,000.

Sales Performance and Elevate’s Impact:

Honda Cars witnessed a notable uptick in sales in January, with figures exceeding 10 percent, totaling 8,681 units.


The company also reported an increase in exports, with 4,531 units shipped in January.

The Elevate SUV, launched in September last year, significantly contributed to this growth, with monthly sales averaging over 4,000 units.


Yuichi Murata, Director of Marketing and Sales at Honda Cars India, attributed this positive performance to continued demand for their models, particularly highlighting the strong performance of the Elevate SUV.

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