Hero Unveils Upgraded Glamour 125 With 60KMPL Mileage

Hero MotoCorp has once again taken the roads by storm with the launch of the revamped Hero Glamour 125.

This iconic model has undergone a series of improvements, elevating its performance and aesthetics.

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The new Glamour 125 arrives in two captivating variants, each offering distinctive benefits.

Priced at Rs 82,348 for the base drum brake variant and Rs 86,348 for the disc brake variant (all prices ex-showroom), this bike epitomizes value for money.

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Elevated Features and Enhanced Ergonomics

The new Glamour 125 boasts a spectrum of updated features and enhanced ergonomics, catering to both style and functionality.

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The addition of a digital instrument cluster transforms the biking experience, offering easy access to crucial information and real-time mileage tracking.

A USB port has been thoughtfully integrated for mobile charging convenience.

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With three attractive color options – Candy Blazing Red, Techno Blue-Black, and Sport Red-Black – riders can choose the style that resonates with them.

Optimized Performance for Improved Mileage


Efficiency takes center stage with the incorporation of an ideal start-stop system, ensuring optimal fuel consumption, especially during congested traffic scenarios.

Notably, the seat height has been adjusted for enhanced accessibility. The lowered driver seat by 8 mm and pillion seat by 17 mm welcomes riders of varying heights.


The redesigned fuel tank, offering a flatter profile, not only contributes to aesthetics but also translates into a more spacious seating arrangement.

Despite these transformations, the engine configuration remains unchanged.

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Powerful Engine Configuration

The heart of the Glamour 125 remains consistent with its predecessor. Sporting the same 124.7 cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine, generating 10.72bhp and 10.6Nm, this bike continues to deliver dynamic performance.

Paired with a 5-speed gearbox, the Hero Glamour 125 offers a balanced blend of power and control. Hero MotoCorp prides itself on the bike’s impressive mileage capability, boasting up to 63 kmpl.

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The bike effortlessly navigates with its 18-inch alloy wheels, contributing to a smooth and agile ride.

The revamped Hero Glamour 125 stands as a testament to Hero MotoCorp’s commitment to excellence, combining affordability, style, and performance in a single package.


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