Govt will Monitor and NOT restrict Import of Laptops, Computers, and Tablets

In response to recent concerns, the Indian government has made it clear that there will be no ban on the import of laptops, computers, and tablets in the country.

Instead, the government will strengthen its monitoring of these consignments.

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The statement comes after earlier announcements that several products, including laptops, tablets, and computers,

would be subject to a licensing system starting from November 1.

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This move is part of the Import Management System that will be implemented at the beginning of next month.

In August, the government had imposed import restrictions on laptops, computers (including tablets), microcomputers, and certain data processing machines, aiming to boost domestic manufacturing and reduce imports from countries like China.

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No Import Ban, Just Monitoring

A government statement clarified that there will be no restrictions on the import of laptops, computers, and tablets in India.

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The government’s focus will be on monitoring their import, rather than imposing an outright ban.

The introduction of a licensing system for several products, including laptops and tablets, from November 1 is part of this monitoring approach.


Enhanced Monitoring

A government official emphasized that while there is no ban on laptops, there will be stricter monitoring of their import. The government aims to ensure comprehensive oversight, but this approach does not entail imposing restrictions.


Implementation of Import Management System

The Director General of Foreign Trade (DGFT), Santosh Kumar Sarangi, stated that the Import Management System would be put into action from November 1.

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The work is currently underway, and it is anticipated to be completed by October 30.

The government’s previous actions in August, including import restrictions on laptops, computers, and related products, are part of the broader strategy to encourage domestic manufacturing and reduce imports, particularly from countries such as China.

Promoting Domestic Manufacturing

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India has taken various measures to promote the domestic manufacturing of electronic products, such as the production-linked incentive scheme and raising customs duties on electronic components.

Annually, India imports these products, amounting to approximately 7-8 billion dollars,

indicating the government’s efforts to bolster domestic production and decrease dependency on foreign markets.


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