Govt reduces Prices of 54 Essential Medicines (Check Full List)

Do you struggle with high medicine costs?

If your money runs out due to medicine expenses before you receive it, you may be able to reduce your daily or monthly expenses now.

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The government has lowered prices on essential medicines, providing relief to millions. Medications for nose, ear, heart, or sugar-related conditions will now be more affordable.

In addition, people will also have access to multivitamin medications at reduced prices.

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Decision taken in the meeting

The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) recently held a meeting where it was decided to reduce the prices of medicines. This decision has been approved by the government.

Apart from reducing the prices of 54 essential medicines, the prices of 8 special medicines have also been lowered.

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The prices of these medicines have come down

In addition to lowering the prices of medicines for various conditions, the NPPA has also reduced rates for 8 special medicines.

These include medications for heart issues, antibiotics, multivitamins, vitamin D, ear problems, diabetes, and others.

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Last month also the rates of medicines were reduced

Just to update you, last month in May, the government lowered the prices of medicines.

This reduction affected 41 essential medicines and 6 special medicines.


These included medications for acidity, gas, pain relief, allergies, and liver issues.

Additionally, medicines for diabetes, antibiotics, heart conditions, and multivitamins were also included in the price reduction.


Crores of people will get benefit

Lowering the cost of essential medicines can alleviate the financial strain on ordinary individuals.

The population of heart and diabetes patients is substantial, leading to the belief that millions of people would benefit from reduced prices for medications related to these conditions.

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According to estimates, there are over 100 million diabetes patients in India who require daily medication to manage their sugar levels.

Therefore, diabetic patients stand to gain significantly if medicine prices are decreased.

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