Govt implements New Vehicle Fitness Rule for all Owners (See Details)

New Delhi:

In a recent development, the Central Government has introduced new regulations concerning vehicle fitness certificates.

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These changes, affecting not only cars but also larger vehicles like trucks and buses.

These changes have been made under the revamped Central Motor Vehicle Rules.

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Understanding the Fitness Certificate

A fitness certificate (FC) is a critical document that assesses a vehicle’s compliance with safety and roadworthiness standards.

Each FC has a fixed validity period, and it’s mandatory to renew it before it expires.

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Key Changes in Fitness Certificate Rules

Under the updated regulations, vehicles older than 8 years will have a 2-year validity for their fitness certificates.

However, vehicles older than this will only have a 1-year validity, necessitating an annual fitness check.

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These rules apply not only to commercial light motor vehicles (LMVs) but also to larger goods and passenger vehicles.

Moreover, the government has mandated that fitness tests can only be conducted at registered Automated Testing Stations (ATS).


There’s also a new requirement.

The requirment states that the vehicle must be tested in the same area where it’s registered.


Renewal Requirement

Starting October 1, 2024, it is imperative to obtain a fitness certificate when renewing vehicle registration.

These changes have been introduced as part of the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, 2023, aiming to ensure timely fitness assessments for all vehicles on the road.

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