Govt Introduces Electric Buses to Boost Local Transport in Yamunanagar

In a bid to enhance local transportation, the government is set to introduce electric buses to the district. Here’s what you need to know:

50 Electric Buses for District

The district will soon welcome 50 electric buses as part of an innovative scheme.

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These buses will be maintained and operated by the Dimt company, which will also take care of charging and electricity expenses.

Jagadhri Bus Stand Transforming

The Jagadhri bus stand is undergoing a transformation, with the entire premises handed over to the company.

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They will set up charging points, offices, and parking spaces for the buses. The work is expected to commence shortly.

Benefits for Local Routes

Each electric bus, with a capacity of 55 seats and a length of 12 meters, will serve within a 200-kilometer radius.

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This will greatly benefit students commuting to schools and colleges and address pollution concerns. Moreover, it will help alleviate the shortage of buses on many local routes.

Private Company Takes Charge

A private company will oversee all aspects of the electric buses, including operation, maintenance, and hiring drivers.

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However, government employees will manage the day-to-day operations.

This setup will be established at the Jagadhri bus stand, marking a significant change for the area.


City Bus Service Making a Comeback

With the arrival of electric buses, there are hopes of reviving the city bus service that ceased 13 years ago.

This move could provide a more affordable alternative to current high auto-rickshaw fares, benefiting the local populace.


Fulfilling Bus Shortages

Despite the existing fleet of 191 buses in the roadways system, shortages persist on several routes, such as Bilaspur, Sadhaura, Jathlana, and Saraswati Nagar.

The introduction of electric buses is expected to help alleviate these shortages, providing a more reliable transport option for commuters.

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In summary, the government’s initiative to introduce electric buses holds the promise of improving local transportation, reducing pollution, and addressing bus shortages on various routes.

Keep an eye on the transformation taking place at Jagadhri bus stand as this project unfolds.

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