Government offers Rs 50 Lakh Insurance on LPG Cylinder Bookings

New Delhi:

In a move aimed at ensuring the safety of households, the Indian government, in collaboration with oil companies, offers a generous insurance cover of up to Rs 50 lakh on every LPG cylinder.

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This insurance, provided free of cost, serves as a financial safeguard for users in the event of accidents or mishaps involving the highly flammable cylinders.

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Features of LPG Cylinder Insurance:

1) Accident Coverage: In case of accidents, the government offers Rs 10 lakh per family member, with a maximum cap of Rs 50 lakh for the entire family.

2) Property Damage: If the incident results in damage to property, a claim of Rs 2 lakh is available.

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3) Personal Accident Cover: In the unfortunate event of a death, a personal accident cover of Rs 6 lakh is provided.

4) Medical Expenses: For medical treatment, users can claim Rs 2 lakh per family member, with a maximum limit of Rs 30 lakh.

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How to Claim?

After an accident, consumers have the right to claim compensation from government oil companies.

The process is straightforward, providing financial relief to affected families.


Check Cylinder Expiry

As a precautionary measure, users are advised to check the expiry date of their LPG cylinders.

The expiry date is encoded on the top of the cylinder.


It is represented by letters A, B, C, or D, along with a two-digit number.

  • A: January, February, March
  • B: April, May, June
  • C: July, August, September
  • D: October, November, December

For example, A-24 indicates the cylinder will expire between January and March in the year 2024.

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Prioritizing safety, the government aims to provide households with peace of mind through this comprehensive insurance initiative.


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