Government offering Free Dish DTH Service: How to Apply?

You also face the hassle of Dish TV recharges every month, struggling to remember them. That’s why we’re here to introduce you to a new government scheme that’s completely free.

It might surprise you to learn that the government offers Free Dish Connections.

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Free DTH

Learn how to get Free Dish DTH service installed at your home at no cost.

DD offers Free Dish DTH, a service provided by the public broadcaster Prasar Bharti to citizens since 2004.

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Once you avail this service, you’ll have access to Free to Air (FTA) Direct to Home (DTH), eliminating the need for monthly recharges.

You can have it installed with a one-time investment.

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Purchasing this service requires a single payment of 2000 rupees, after which no further recharges are needed.

This implies that you can enjoy free TV channels indefinitely, and now it also includes a compact-sized antenna.

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This is a large DTH platform, so you can watch a wide range of programs based on your preferences.

Follow these steps to apply for free DTH effortlessly.


How to Apply for Free Dish

1. You can contact these numbers to have Free Dish installed at your home. Here are the numbers you can use: 1800114554 and 011-25806200.

2. You can obtain details about Free Dish by contacting these numbers, and you can also apply for it through your local cable provider.


3. This process is also being implemented in numerous locations.

4. You can also have the receiver installed locally, but there will be a fee for this service.

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No need to Pay Monthly Fees

To avail of this, you need a TV and only need to pay the installation charges. The major benefit is that you won’t have to pay monthly subscription fees, meaning no recurring charges.

However, it offers only selected free channels, and you’ll need to pay for access to premium channels.

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