Government Announces Removal of Agri Cess on LPG Imports

In a significant move, the central government has made a pivotal decision concerning the import of LPG.

On Friday, September 1st, the government declared the elimination of the Agri Cess on the import of LPG, including Liquefied Propane and Liquefied Butane.

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This groundbreaking decision has taken effect immediately. Previously, a 15 percent agri cess was levied on these imports, which had been introduced in July.

Swift Action by Finance Ministry: Agri Cess Withdrawn

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Taking rapid action, the Finance Ministry has issued a formal notification heralding the withdrawal of the Agri Cess.

This measure signifies a crucial step towards streamlining the import process and aligning with the government’s broader economic objectives.

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Relief for Importers: LPG, Liquefied Propane, and Liquefied Butane Exempt from AIDC

With the official announcement, a sense of relief envelops importers, as LPG, Liquefied Propane, and Liquefied Butane are now fully exempt from the Agriculture Infrastructure Development Cess (AIDC) as of today.

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This exemption reflects the government’s commitment to facilitating trade and reducing the financial burden on importers.

The removal of the Agri Cess on LPG imports is expected to have a positive impact on the overall energy sector and contribute to cost efficiency.


As the government continues to fine-tune its economic policies, this move underscores their dedication to creating a more favorable business environment.

This decision marks a dynamic shift in import regulations, demonstrating the government’s receptiveness to constructive feedback and its readiness to adapt for the benefit of the nation’s economic landscape.



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