Google Removes 10 Indian Apps from Play Store Over Non-Payment

Google has taken action against 10 Indian companies by removing their apps from the Play Store due to non-payment of service fees.

This move, initiated on Friday, March 1, has stirred controversy within the Indian app developer community, raising concerns over Google’s fee policies and their implications for the digital ecosystem.

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Reason for Removal:

Google’s decision to remove the apps stems from non-compliance with service fee payments, despite using the platform for an extended period.

While Google did not disclose the names of the companies initially, reports indicate that prominent apps like, BharatMatrimony,, and others have been affected.

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Controversy Over Fee Policies:

The controversy revolves around Google’s imposition of service fees ranging from 11 to 26 percent on in-app payments, despite previous orders from the Competition Commission of India (CCI) to revise the fee structure.

Despite the Supreme Court’s refusal to grant interim relief to the companies challenging these fees, Google proceeded with app removals for non-payment.

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Google’s Response:

Google asserts that it provided ample time for companies to comply with its policies, extending the deadline even after the Supreme Court order.

The company emphasizes its commitment to enforcing uniform policies across its ecosystem, regardless of geographic location or company size.

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Indian App Developers’ Reactions:

Sanjeev Bikhchandani, founder of Info Edge, expressed frustration over the removals, claiming that all pending Google invoices were settled on time.

He advocates for the establishment of an Indian App Store/Play Store as part of the digital public infrastructure.


Murugavel Janakiraman, founder of Bharat Matrimony, lamented the move as a setback for the Indian internet landscape.



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