GoFirst’s Flight Resumption Depends on New Contract with Aircraft Suppliers

Aviation regulator DGCA has instructed GoFirst to secure new lease contracts with aircraft suppliers before seeking approval for flight schedules.

Several aircraft suppliers have reportedly terminated the old agreements with the airline, prompting DGCA’s intervention.

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DGCA Requires GoFirst to Submit New Lease Agreement Documents for Flight Schedule Approval

To obtain approval for its flight schedule, GoFirst has been asked by the DGCA to submit documents related to the new lease agreements with aircraft suppliers.

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The airline’s flight schedule will be approved only after the new lease agreements are in place.

Delhi High Court Verdict to Determine Aircraft Suppliers’ Involvement in GoFirst Case

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The DGCA is expected to await the Delhi High Court’s verdict on the involvement of the airline’s lenders in the case where aircraft suppliers have sought the cancellation of registration. A decision is anticipated on August 3rd.

GoFirst Confident in Renegotiating Lease Agreements with Aircraft Suppliers

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Despite aircraft suppliers rushing to retrieve their planes after GoFirst filed for insolvency, the airline remains confident in renegotiating lease agreements rather than abandoning them.

The company is currently in talks with aircraft suppliers for new lease agreements.


GoFirst Aims to Resume Operations in 10 Days Pending Slot Approval and New Lease Agreements

GoFirst is reportedly planning to approach the DGCA to resume its operations within the next 10 days.


However, the resumption is contingent upon approval of flight slots and the signing of new lease agreements with the aircraft suppliers.

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