Get 10GB more 5G Data and Unlimited Calling by paying ₹20 Extra with New Airtel Plans

Airtel, a leading telecom provider, has launched new monthly plans to cater to customers’ increasing data needs.

With the rising demand for internet usage among individuals such as employees and students working from home, Airtel recognizes the necessity for higher data allowances.

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To address this, Airtel has introduced two new data plans: the Rs 489 plan and the Rs 509 plan, both offering more data. Although both plans have a 30-day validity, they differ in terms of data allocation.

The Rs 509 plan costs an additional Rs 20 but provides an extra 10GB of data. Let’s explore the advantages and differences between these plans.

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Airtel Rs 489 Plan

The Rs 489 Airtel plan comes with a validity of 30 days. Subscribers enjoy unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls.

The plan offers up to 50GB of data, along with 300 free SMS. Additionally, users can access services such as Hello Tunes, Wynk Music, Cashback on Fastag, and Apollo 24|7 assistance.

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Airtel Rs 509 Plan

With a validity of 30 days, Airtel’s Rs 509 plan offers unlimited local, STD, and roaming calls. Customers benefit from up to 60GB of data and 300 free SMS.

Similar to the Rs 489 plan, this package includes Hello Tunes, Wynk Music, Cashback on Fastag, and Apollo 24|7 services.

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Differences between the Plans

The primary distinction between the Rs 509 and Rs 489 plans lies in the additional 10GB of data provided by the former for an extra cost of Rs 20.

Both plans offer the advantage of unlimited 5G data, taking advantage of Airtel’s 5G network, currently available in over 3,000 cities nationwide.


Airtel’s Annual Recharge Plans

Airtel, known for its customer-centric offerings, has introduced an appealing annual recharge plan that provides users with numerous benefits beyond calling and data services.

This annual plan serves as a convenient option for users who prefer not to recharge every month.


The most affordable Airtel annual plan starts at Rs 1,799, offering unlimited calling and data.

Airtel Rs 1,799 Recharge Plan

The budget-friendly Airtel annual plan, priced at Rs 1,799, remains valid for 365 days. It provides users with a total of 24GB of data, along with free daily voice calling and 100 SMS.

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The plan includes a subscription to Apollo 24|7 Circle, Rs 100 cashback on FASTag payments, and access to free Hello Tunes and Wynk Music.

Airtel Rs 2,999 Recharge Plan

Another annual plan offered by Airtel is priced at Rs 2,999 and features a validity of 365 days. Subscribers receive 2GB of data daily, 100 daily SMS, and unlimited voice calling.

Airtel Rs 3,359 Recharge Plan

Similar to the previous plan, the Rs 3,359 plan provides a year-long validity. Users benefit from unlimited voice calling, 100 daily SMS, and 2.5GB of data per day. Additionally, subscribers enjoy unlimited 5G data and a one-year

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Our Thought:

Considering the Rs 1,799 annual plan, the monthly cost amounts to approximately Rs 150. Currently, no other plan in the market offers similar benefits at this price point. Consequently, the annual plan proves to be a favorable choice for users seeking affordability and value.

Other Plans has average benefits like any other Telecom Company. What are your thoughts? Do you prefer monthly recharge over annual? Comment below.


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