Flipkart Launches Fashion Portal ‘SPOYL’ Catering Exclusively to Gen Z Style

Flipkart, the e-commerce giant under Walmart’s ownership, has ventured into a new fashion territory by introducing an exclusive fashion platform named ‘SPOYL.’

Tailored specifically for the Gen Z demographic, this portal offers a range of clothing, shoes, and accessories that resonate with the distinct style preferences of this generation.

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Unveiling SPOYL: A Fashion Hub for Gen Z:

Flipkart’s latest endeavor, SPOYL, has been unveiled as a dedicated fashion destination catering exclusively to Generation Z, often referred to as Gen Zee.

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Gen Z comprises individuals born during the mid to late 1990s, excluding those born after 2010.

The platform is set to offer more than 40,000 products, encompassing a variety of Western-style attire, footwear, and accessories.

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Understanding Generation Z:

Gen Z, synonymous with Generation Z, represents a tech-savvy cohort born after 1995, embodying a distinctive approach to fashion and lifestyle.

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Flipkart’s decision to establish a dedicated portal for Gen Z is rooted in two key factors: the demographic’s propensity for frequent online shopping and their inclination towards unique, individualistic fashion choices.

A McKinsey report highlighted Gen Z’s preference for fashion that sets them apart, as opposed to adhering to established trends.


Catering to Gen Z’s Dynamic Fashion Quotient:

Approximately 25 percent of Flipkart’s fashion category customers fall within the Gen Z demographic.


Renowned as the “Internet First Generation,” they exhibit a proclivity for online shopping. Sandeep Karwa, Vice President at Flipkart, emphasized SPOYL’s mission to comprehend and address the evolving needs of Gen Z.

This generation is characterized by its tendency to challenge conventions and break away from societal norms, championing individualistic expressions.

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Empowering Personal Style Through SPOYL:

Sandeep Karwa underscored SPOYL’s role in democratizing style and fashion, asserting that every individual has the right to express their unique flair.

The platform seeks to empower Gen Z to embrace style without being restricted by societal opinions, in line with their distinctive perspectives on fashion and self-expression.

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Flipkart’s Dominance in the Fashion Arena:

Flipkart has solidified its presence in the online fashion sector, commanding approximately 27 percent of the market share.

Competitor Myntra holds a 22 percent stake, while Amazon and Meesho follow with around 15 percent.

Other players in the market, including Ajio and Nykaa Fashion, share the remainder of the market.


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