Flipkart Introduces Price Lock Feature for Smart Shopping

Many times, people add products to their cart, hoping to purchase them when the prices drop. However, they often find that the prices have increased when they return.

Flipkart is now introducing an exciting feature that allows users to lock in a deal for a limited time, ensuring they can buy the product later at the same price.

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Let’s delve into how this feature works and what makes it special.

How Does the Price Lock Feature Work?

Flipkart’s Big Billion Days sale is just around the corner, and it brings with it the Price Lock feature.

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With this feature, you can lock in the price of any product. This means you will secure the product at the locked price, regardless of whether there’s a sale or not. It’s similar to how we lock in prices for flights and hotels.

No More Worries About Product Availability

Flipkart’s Chief Product and Technology Officer (CPTO), Venugopal, assures that customers need not fret about products going out of stock.

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Once you lock a product, it will remain available to you at the same price when it’s back in stock, ensuring you can make the purchase.

When Can You Expect the Feature to Launch?

While Flipkart hasn’t disclosed the exact launch date, it’s believed that they might introduce the Price Lock feature during their Biggest Big Billion Days event.

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Shop at Sale Prices Anytime

The Price Lock feature operates similarly to locking in a hotel booking. You can secure a product at the sale price and buy it later when you’re ready, all at the locked-in rate.



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