Finland Launches World’s First Digital Passport for Enhanced Air Travel

In a historic leap towards the future of travel, Finland has proudly become the world’s first nation to unveil its digital passport.

These digital passports are poised to redefine the air travel experience, promising enhanced speed, convenience, and security.

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Collaborating with Finnair, Finnish police, and airport operators, Finland commenced testing this groundbreaking initiative on August 28, facilitated by the Finnish Border Guards.

The trial is being conducted at Helsinki Airport’s border control, slated to continue until February 2024.

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Finland’s pioneering move solidifies its position as the vanguard of digital travel documents, initially catering exclusively to Finnish residents flying with Finnair to London, Manchester, and Edinburgh.

What is a Digital Passport?

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A Digital Travel Credential (DTC) is a digital replica of a physical passport, seamlessly stored on a smartphone.

Aligned with the standards set by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), it adheres to global regulations for international digital travel documents.

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Finland proudly leads the world in testing DTC, which, for now, is exclusively available to Finnish citizens traveling between Finland and the UK on Finnair flights.

How to Obtain a Digital Passport


To partake in this groundbreaking initiative, interested individuals must download the FIN DTC Pilot Digital Travel Document App.

Additionally, they must complete the necessary registration with the police and submit their data to Finnish border guards, a process to be completed four to 36 hours before their flight to the UK.


Once registered, travelers will utilize their digital documents throughout their journey within Finland.

The Current Process

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Presently, travelers with digital passports can verify their identity by taking a photograph at Helsinki Airport, cross-referencing it with the passport stored in their DTC.

However, it is important to note that this system is currently undergoing testing.

Consequently, citizens are still required to carry their physical passports, which must be scanned at border checkpoints in Finland and the UK.

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Should the pilot project prove successful, the days of carrying a physical passport may soon become a thing of the past.


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