February Brings 11 Bank Holidays: Check the Complete List

The month of February is marked by a series of bank holidays across the country, adding up to a total closure of 11 days.

As a customary event, the budget presentation kicks off the month, setting the tone for a brief hiatus in banking operations.

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Nationwide Variations:

Notably, these bank closures won’t happen simultaneously across all states. Instead, different regions will observe holidays on different days, ensuring that the banking downtime is staggered.

Key Dates:

Here is the breakdown of bank holidays for February 2024:

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  1. February 4: Sunday
  2. February 10: Second Saturday/Losar (Gangtok banks closed due to Losar)
  3. February 11: Sunday
  4. February 14: Wednesday, Basant Panchami/Saraswati Puja (Agartala, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata banks closed)
  5. February 15: Thursday, Lui-Ngai-Ni (Imphal banks closed)
  6. February 18: Sunday
  7. February 19: Monday, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Jayanti (Belapur, Mumbai, Nagpur banks closed)
  8. February 20: Tuesday, Statehood Day (Aizawl and Itanagar banks closed)
  9. February 24: Fourth Saturday
  10. February 25: Sunday
  11. February 26: Monday, Nyokum (Itanagar banks closed)

Online Banking Options:

During these closures, customers can still access banking services through online platforms.

Whether it’s transactions or inquiries, online banking ensures continuous financial accessibility even when physical branches are closed.

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Plan Ahead:

If you have banking needs in February, it’s advisable to plan accordingly and be aware of the specific holiday schedule in your region.

Stay informed to utilize online services seamlessly during the extended breaks.

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