Exciting Changes Coming with iOS 17 Update for iPhone – Check Out the New Features

Apple is rolling out the highly anticipated iOS 17 update to iPhone models worldwide, including India.

Additionally, the company is delivering additional software updates for compatible devices, such as macOS Sonoma, iPadOS 17, tvOS 17, and watchOS 10.

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These updates will introduce new features and improvements to various apps and services on Apple devices.

If you’re eager to unlock the latest features by downloading and installing the iOS 17 software update on your iPhone, you’ll find comprehensive information here.

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Please note that the new Journal app and collaborative playlists for Apple Music, which were showcased at WWDC 2023, are not part of the iOS 17 update.

However, there are still plenty of exciting features to explore with this update, including:

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Contact Poster and Live Voicemail

While most of the user interface elements on iOS 17 remain similar to iOS 16, the Phone app is receiving a significant upgrade in the form of “contact poster.”

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This feature allows users to create their own custom poster and profile photo, which is then shared with their contacts.

These posters can include full-length images, emojis, and large text with customizable fonts.


Additionally, in some regions, users will have access to real-time transcription for live voicemail messages processed directly on the device.

NameDrop and AirDrop


iOS 17 enhances Apple’s wireless sharing mechanism, AirDrop. Users can simply bring two devices close together to share files, initiate a SharePlay session, or play games together.

Alongside this, the introduction of NameDrop allows users to share contact information, including contact posters, with other users seamlessly.

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Standby Mode

Apple is now providing support for displaying essential information while charging its iPhones.

This feature, known as “Standby Mode,” will allow users to view live activities, notifications, widgets, and even interact with Siri directly from their smartphone’s display while charging. Standby Mode works with both wired and wireless chargers.

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Safari Profile and Private Browsing Lock

The iOS 17 update brings new features to Apple’s web browser, Safari. Private Browsing tabs will now be secured behind Face ID or Touch ID, ensuring that unauthorized users cannot access them without your approval.

Safari is also introducing support for multiple profiles, enabling users to separate their cookies, bookmarks, and browsing history for work and personal use.

This feature allows for easy switching between profiles, making it convenient for users to manage their web activity.

Check-In and Live Stickers for Messages

A new Messages feature called “Check-In” will enable users to notify a family member when they have safely arrived at their destination.

If you don’t reach your intended location, the Messages app will securely provide your family member with information about your location, battery level, and cellular service.

Additionally, iOS 17 introduces the ability to create custom stickers by long-pressing on your smartphone and sharing them in the Messages app.

These stickers will appear in a dedicated sticker section, enhancing your messaging experience on iOS.

With these exciting additions, the iOS 17 update is set to enhance the iPhone experience and offer users a host of new features to explore and enjoy.


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