Elon Musk Announces Audio and Video Calls for X Users, No Phone Number Required

“Elon Musk, who leads America’s top electric vehicle company Tesla and now oversees Twitter (referred to as ‘X’), has made some important changes to the platform.

He recently shared some exciting news for X users. Elon Musk, who owns this social media platform, announced that they will soon introduce the ability to make audio and video calls within X.

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Musk mentioned in one of his X posts that you won’t need a phone number to use this audio and video calling feature. This feature will work on iOS, Android, Mac, and PC.

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It’s worth noting that Twitter is now called X, and Musk has made significant changes since renaming it. Last month, they changed the name and added the capability for audio and video calls within X.

In one of his posts, Musk said, ‘Audio and video calling will be available on X soon, and you won’t need a phone number to use it. X is a powerful platform used worldwide.’


Until now, most people have been using WhatsApp for audio and video calls, making it the most popular app for these purposes.

However, with Musk’s announcement, X is expected to become a strong competitor to WhatsApp.


The new owners of X, formerly known as Twitter, plan to transform the app into a super app and have taken a significant step in that direction.

According to media reports, the voice and video calling feature is expected to launch at the beginning of September.”

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