Easy Method to Hide Apps on Samsung Phones

Many of us have certain apps on our phones that we prefer to keep private, away from prying eyes.

Whether it’s dating apps or games, sometimes we want to hide them from friends or family members.

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Fortunately, if you own a Samsung smartphone, hiding apps is a breeze, and you don’t even need to rely on third-party applications.

Introducing Secure Folder

Samsung offers a handy feature called Secure Folder, which allows you to hide apps effortlessly in a password-protected space.

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This special folder serves as a secure vault for not just apps, but also photos, videos, and documents.

Setting Up Secure Folder

To begin hiding your apps using Secure Folder, follow these simple steps:

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  1. Open your Settings app and navigate to “Security and privacy.”
  2. Select “More security settings” and then tap on “Secure Folder.”
  3. Click on “Continue” to proceed with setting up Secure Folder.
  4. Tap on “Continue” once more.
  5. Wait for Secure Folder to be created and then click on “Done.”
  6. Set a PIN, password, or pattern for your Secure Folder.
  7. Tap on “Next” and enter your Secure Folder password.
  8. Now, tap on the “+” icon and choose the apps you wish to hide within the Secure Folder.
  9. Finally, click on “Add” to complete the process.

That’s it! Your selected apps are now securely tucked away in the Secure Folder, accessible only with your designated password.

With this straightforward method, you can keep your private apps discreetly hidden from view on your Samsung smartphone.

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