Dubai announces 5-Year Multiple Entry Visa for Indians: New Rules Unveiled

In a move set to deepen economic ties and enhance tourism between India and Dubai, officials have unveiled new regulations allowing Indian citizens multiple-entry visas for a five-year period.

This significant step underscores the commitment of both nations to bolster cooperation and foster robust trade and tourism relations.

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Fast-Track Visa Process:

Under the new regulations, Indian travelers can obtain their multiple-entry visas within a remarkably swift timeframe of just two days.

This expedited process aims to facilitate seamless travel arrangements and enhance convenience for visitors.

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Terms and Conditions:

While the five-year multi-entry visa promises increased flexibility, there are certain stipulations that applicants must adhere to.

Visa holders will be permitted entry and exit for a maximum duration of 90 days per visit, with a cumulative stay not exceeding 180 days within a single year.

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Boosting Tourism and Economic Opportunities:

The initiative is poised to invigorate tourism and bolster economic prospects for both nations.

By providing enhanced access to professional opportunities and fostering greater flexibility in travel arrangements, the initiative is set to catalyze tourism growth between India and Dubai.

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Key Figures Reflect Growing Ties:

The decision comes on the heels of a remarkable surge in Indian visitors to Dubai, with a projected 2.46 million travelers expected in 2023, marking a substantial 34% year-on-year increase.

Data from the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism highlights the pivotal role played by Indian tourists in propelling Dubai’s record-breaking tourism performance.


Commentary from Dubai Officials:

Badr Ali Habib, Area Head of Proximity Markets at the Dubai Department of Economy and Tourism, emphasized the enduring bond between Dubai and India, underscoring the significant surge in tourist arrivals witnessed in 2023.

The introduction of multiple-entry visas is poised to further elevate tourism prospects and deepen bilateral relations.



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