Disney+ Implements Stricter Policies on Password Sharing, Effective in Selected Countries

Disney+ users in select regions are set to face new restrictions on password sharing as the streaming giant moves to crack down on unauthorized account access.

The company’s recent policy update aims to ensure that subscribers adhere to household-specific streaming, effectively ending the practice of sharing account credentials.

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Strengthening Security Measures

Disney+ enforces stringent terms of service to prevent unauthorized access to its platform.

Households Only: New Terms and Conditions

Subscribers restricted to streaming within their primary residence, discouraging password sharing outside the household.

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Impact on Pricing and Subscription

Amidst the policy change, Disney+ also revises its pricing structure, offering ad-free content at a premium rate.

Following in the Footsteps of Netflix

Disney+ joins the ranks of streaming platforms cracking down on password sharing, mirroring similar measures undertaken by Netflix.

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Rollout and Enforcement

Email notifications inform users about the upcoming ban on password sharing, with full enforcement slated for March 14.

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