Disney+ Hotstar Follows Netflix, Plans to Limit Account Sharing in India

In a move reminiscent of Netflix, another streaming behemoth in India is tightening its stance on password sharing.

Disney+ Hotstar is reportedly gearing up to restrict password sharing among its premium users.

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Industry sources reveal that access to login will be limited to a maximum of four people, barring non-premium users from using the same credentials.

Reuters news agency reports that the company is actively working on this policy.

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Following Netflix’s Lead

Disney+ Hotstar seems to be following the footsteps of Netflix, which implemented a similar policy in over 100 countries back in May.

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Netflix informed its customers that sharing their service with individuals outside their household would require an additional payment.

Potential Implementation Later this Year

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At present, a premium Disney+ Hotstar account in India allows login on up to 10 devices.

The company is contemplating implementing the new policy later this year, with the main aim being to restrict Premium account logins to a maximum of four devices.


Rationale Behind the Policy Change

Disney had initially hoped to attract customers by not strictly enforcing the four-device login policy, allowing password sharing among users.


However, this strategy did not yield the expected results, leading the company to introduce the new policy.

Streaming Services Boom in India

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The streaming landscape in India has witnessed significant growth, with Disney, Netflix, Amazon, and Mukesh Ambani’s JioCinema gaining immense popularity.

According to Media Partners Asia, the sector is poised to become a $7 billion market by 2027. With approximately 50 million users, Hotstar currently leads the Indian market in terms of user base.

As the streaming industry continues to evolve, providers like Disney+ Hotstar are exploring measures to address password sharing concerns while delivering top-quality content to their subscribers.

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