DGCA Approves 2023 Winter Flight Schedule for 118 Indian Airports

The Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) has given the green light to the Winter Schedule 2023, effective from October 29, 2023, to March 30, 2024.

According to the approved schedule, 23,732 flights will operate weekly from 118 airports across the country.

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In the previous Summer Schedule 2023, DGCA had sanctioned 22,907 weekly flights from 110 airports.

Airlines and Flight Frequency

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Here’s the breakdown of flight frequencies per week for various airlines in the DGCA-approved winter schedule:

  • Alliance Air: 914 flights
  • Air India: 2,367 flights
  • AirAsia: 1,457 flights
  • Indigo: 13,119 flights
  • SpiceJet: 2,132 flights
  • Vistara: 1,902 flights
  • Star Air: 247 flights
  • Fly Big: 191 flights
  • Air India Express: 483 flights
  • IndiaOne: 112 flights
  • Akasa Air: 790 flights
  • Pawan Hans: 18 flights
  • Total: 23,732 flights

New Airports in the Schedule

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Among the 118 airports included in the schedule, Bathinda, Jaisalmer, Ludhiana, Nanded, Shivamogga, Salem, Utkela, Hindon, and Ziro are newly proposed airports by scheduled airlines.

However, Gondia Airport’s operations are not part of the winter schedule for 2023.

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Comparison to the Summer Schedule

A comparative analysis of airlines and their flight frequencies between the winter and summer schedules reveals changes in operations.


Notable growth percentages are observed, particularly for Air India, Indigo, and Akasa Air, while Go Air and SpiceJet exhibit declines in their weekly flight frequencies.

Overall, the winter schedule shows a 3.6% growth compared to the summer schedule.


Comparison to the Previous Winter Schedule

A comparison between the winter schedules of 2023 and 2022 indicates changes in flight frequencies.

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Notable growth is observed for Air India, Indigo, Akasa Air, and Star Air, while several airlines, such as Alliance Air and SpiceJet, have experienced reductions in their weekly flight frequencies.

Overall, the winter schedule for 2023 exhibits an 8.16% growth compared to the previous year.

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