Delhi-Male Flight Fares Witness Shift Amid India-Maldives Dispute(Flight Fare Details)

New Delhi:

The recent controversy stemming from Maldivian leaders disputing Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s portrayal of Lakshadweep has triggered a widespread social media trend calling for a boycott of Maldives.

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The impact of this movement is becoming evident as individuals, including film stars, cricketers, businessmen,

and major travel companies, are cancelling bookings and reconsidering travel plans to the once-popular destination.

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Flight Fare Adjustments:

Amid the Boycott Maldives movement, individuals are choosing to cancel their bookings, leading to noticeable shifts in flight fares.

  • Price Range: ₹12,000 to ₹15,000
  • Stoppage Flight Fare: Up to ₹8,000

Direct Flight fares from New Delhi to Malé.

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Specific Flight Booking Example:

For a flight scheduled for February 19th from New Delhi to Malé through the Make My Trip portal:

One-Stop Flight: ₹8,211 | Non-Stop Flight: ₹17,518

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Impact on Hotel Bookings and Flight Tickets:

Reports suggest a considerable number of hotel bookings and flight tickets to Maldives are being cancelled in response to the Boycott Maldives campaign.

The Indian Association of Tour Operators acknowledges that the true impact of the boycott may take 20 to 25 days to become apparent.


Nevertheless, there is already a noticeable decrease in tour planning and inquiries related to Maldives.

As the controversy continues, the travel landscape to Maldives is evolving, with many individuals and entities reconsidering their travel choices in light of recent geopolitical tensions.



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