Crucial Information to Consider Before Insuring Your BH Series Vehicle

Three years ago, relocating to a different Indian state necessitated vehicle re-registration, causing inconvenience for individuals frequently moving due to work.

To address this issue, the government introduced Bharat Series Number Plates in 2021, allowing vehicles to be driven in new states for 12 months without re-registration.

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However, failure to re-register after this period can result in hefty fines, making compliance crucial for car owners.

Importance of BH Series Number Plates:

For professionals requiring frequent interstate travel, obtaining a Bharat series number plate is essential.

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Not only does it facilitate tax savings, but it also ensures compliance with road regulations, preventing insurance claim rejections due to non-compliance.

Insurance Policy Considerations:

Continuity of Insurance: When moving to a new state with a BH series vehicle, existing insurance policies remain valid, eliminating the need for immediate updates.

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Eligibility for BH Series: Indian citizens employed in government sectors or private firms with offices in multiple states/UTs are eligible for BH series license plates.

Road Tax Benefits: BH series vehicles enable owners to save on intra-state road taxes, with reduced tax durations compared to traditional registration processes.

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Price Structure: BH series number plate costs vary based on the vehicle’s price, ranging from 8% to 12% of the invoice price.

Insurance Procurement:

BH series vehicle owners can easily procure insurance through various aggregator websites, with options to compare policies online.


BH series registration does not affect insurance premiums, and policies typically mention BH series registration status.

No claim bonus remains intact when switching to BH series registration; owners can apply for a change in registration number within existing policies.


Insurance Policy Renewal:

Car owners must adhere to legal mandates by renewing three-year third-party and one-year standalone own damage motor insurance policies.

Renewing insurance policies for BH series vehicles can be conveniently done online by selecting the vehicle’s details, saving time and effort.

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