CGHS Cardholders now eligible for Free Treatment in 80 Cities (List of Cities)

New Delhi:

Central Government Health Scheme (CGHS) cardholders, including current and former central government employees and pensioners, can now avail themselves of free medical treatment in 80 cities across the country.

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This move aims to provide accessible healthcare services to those covered under the CGHS scheme.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to understanding who can benefit from CGHS and the cities where its services are available.

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Eligibility Criteria for CGHS:

Who Can Avail CGHS Services?

According to the official CGHS website, central government employees and their family members residing in any notified city are eligible to take advantage of the health facility provided by CGHS.

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List of Cities Covered by CGHS

CGHS services are now accessible in 80 cities across India. The complete list includes prominent locations such as Delhi & NCR, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Lucknow, and more.

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Complete List of Cities


Above is the complete list of 80 cities where CGHS services are available.

Special Benefits for CGHS Cardholders at AIIMS:

Cashless Treatment at AIIMS for CGHS Cardholders:


1) CGHS pensioners and other entitled beneficiaries with a valid CGHS card, including former MPs, Governors, Judges, and freedom fighters, can avail cashless treatment at AIIMS.

2) The CGHS card indicates the validity and ward eligibility for cardholders.

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3) AIIMS will establish a dedicated desk for CGHS beneficiaries, where the eligibility and verification process will take place.

4) CGHS beneficiaries can self-verify their CGHS card, and in the case of treatment for a dependent family member, both the self and family member’s CGHS cards must be submitted.

5) The physical bill, along with a copy of the CGHS card, needs to be submitted to the office of the Additional Director, CGHS, in the respective city during the last week of the AIIMS month.

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6) AIIMS will set up a separate bank account for CGHS beneficiaries, and payments for bills must be deposited into this account.

7) Besides CGHS pensioners, other eligible individuals for cashless treatment can also benefit from this initiative.

This development brings significant relief to central government employees and pensioners, ensuring that they receive quality healthcare services without financial burden in the designated cities.


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