CES 2024 Unveils: From Flying Cars to Transparent TVs, Here Are 6 Mind-Blowing Technologies

As CES 2024 concludes today on January 12th, the tech world witnessed a showcase of futuristic innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Renowned tech companies globally presented their cutting-edge products, ranging from flying cars to transparent TVs. Here are six groundbreaking technologies that stole the spotlight at CES 2024.

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1. Hyundai’s Hydrogen Ecosystem:

Korean automobile giant Hyundai made waves by announcing its plans to create a hydrogen ecosystem.

Hyundai aims to incorporate hydrogen-based engines and fuel cell technology into their vehicles, presenting the City Pod System to revolutionize transportation.

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2. LG and Samsung’s Transparent TVs:

South Korean tech giants LG and Samsung unveiled transparent TVs at CES. LG claims its transparent TV will be available worldwide by the end of 2024, utilizing wireless technology.

Samsung showcased the Micro LED Powered Transparent TV, although the market release date remains undisclosed.

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3. Genesis System’s Water Cube:

American company Genesis System introduced the Water Cube, a device resembling a microwave oven that extracts water from the air.

Designed to address water scarcity in remote areas, the Water Cube can produce approximately 450 liters of water per day, functioning in humidity above 40% and temperatures above 15 degrees Celsius.

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4. Torras’ Coolify Neck Fan:

Mobile case manufacturer Torras introduced the Coolify, a personal neck fan designed for continuous ventilation.

Worn like headphones, the device underwent successful drop tests and comes with a dedicated charger for convenient charging.


5. Honda’s EV Cars:

Japanese automaker Honda showcased two electric vehicle (EV) cars, Salon and Space Hub, at CES 2024.

The company plans to launch its first 0 series EV car, possibly named Salon, in 2026. Honda aims to transition to an all-electric vehicle lineup by 2040.


6. XPeng’s AeroHT Flying Car:

Chinese company XPeng unveiled the AeroHT, an electric flying car designed for use at low altitudes.

Commercial production is anticipated to begin in 2025, with order bookings starting in the third quarter of 2024, marking a significant step towards the integration of flying cars in the market.

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