Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2023-24 Series II is open; see all details

If you’ve been eyeing gold as an investment or planning to diversify your portfolio with precious metals, here’s some excellent news for you.

The Central Government, under the Sovereign Gold Bond (SGB) Scheme, is set to make gold more accessible and affordable.

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) has just announced the details, and it’s time to mark your calendars for this golden opportunity.

Gold at an Attractive Price

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The RBI has fixed the issue price for the upcoming installment of Sovereign Gold Bond at an enticing ₹5,923 per gram, considerably lower than prevailing market rates.

Purchase Begins on September 11

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Get ready to secure your gold as the sale of these gold bonds will kick off on September 11, marking the second installment for the current financial year.

The pricing is calculated based on the simple average of the closing price of gold with 999 purity.

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Enjoy a Discount Benefit

In a move to make gold investment even more appealing, the government, in consultation with the RBI, has decided to offer a discount.


For select investors, the issue price of gold bonds has been set at an even more attractive ₹5,873 per gram.

The subscription window will be open from September 11 to September 15.


Multiple Purchase Avenues

Wondering where you can make this savvy investment? Sovereign Gold Bonds will be available through various channels, including banks, the Stock Holding Corporation of India Limited, designated Post Offices, and recognized stock exchanges like BSE and NSE.

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A Financial Savings Initiative Since 2015

The Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme, initiated in November 2015, aims to divert demand from traditional gold purchases and encourage households to invest in financial instruments.

Flexible Investment Options

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Investors have the flexibility to start with a minimum of 1 gram of gold.

The bond matures over eight years, but you also have the option to exit after completing five years. The upper limit for investment stands at four kilograms.

Don’t miss this chance to acquire gold at a competitive price. Make sure to mark your calendar and take advantage of this affordable gold investment opportunity provided by the Indian Government.


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