BSNL’s Affordable Plans: Enjoy Unlimited Talk Time with Rs 87 Recharge

For users seeking a budget-friendly telecom plan, BSNL offers its cheapest plan at just Rs 87.

This plan provides customers with a validity of 14 days, making it an attractive option for those on a tight budget.

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With unlimited voice calling and 1GB data per day, users will enjoy a total of 14GB data during the plan period.

Additionally, free SMS is also included in this plan, making it an excellent choice for those looking for a cost-effective option.

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Unlimited Talktime and Data: Exploring BSNL’s Rs 97 Recharge Plan

BSNL’s Rs 97 plan offers a 15-day validity with unlimited voice calling and 2GB data per day.

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This plan caters to users who require both data and voice services at an affordable price.

With a total of 30GB data available during the validity period, customers can stay connected without worrying about data limitations.

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Data and Voice Combo: BSNL’s Rs 99 Recharge Plan

If you need a plan primarily for unlimited calls, BSNL’s Rs 99 recharge plan is worth considering.


With a validity of 18 days, this plan provides unlimited voice calling benefits.

However, data and messaging services are not included in this package, making it suitable for those who prioritize uninterrupted voice connectivity.


Value for Money: BSNL’s Rs 139 Recharge Plan with 28 Days Validity

For users seeking a more extended validity period, BSNL’s Rs 139 recharge plan offers 28 days of service.

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With 1.5GB of daily internet data and unlimited calling, this plan ensures a seamless communication experience.

After exhausting the daily data limit, the internet speed reduces to 40Kbps.

While SMS is not available for free under this plan, it still proves to be a value-for-money option for users who require a reliable long-term solution.

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