BSNL Unveils Budget-Friendly Rs 107 Plan: Features of Rs 107 Plan

Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), the government telecom giant, continues to live up to its reputation for offering cost-effective plans.

The latest addition to its portfolio is the Rs 107 prepaid recharge plan, providing users with an extended 35-day validity period at an economical daily cost of approximately Rs 4.

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Key Features of BSNL Rs 107 Plan:

  1. Extended Validity: The plan boasts a generous 35-day validity period, ensuring an uninterrupted connection for users.
  2. Data Benefits: Subscribers enjoy 3GB of data during the plan’s duration, catering to the basic internet needs of users.
  3. Cost-Efficiency: Renowned as one of BSNL’s most affordable plans, it offers an economical solution for users seeking budget-friendly options.
  4. Post-Data Limit Speed: Once the data limit is reached, the plan maintains connectivity at a reduced speed of 40kbps, allowing users to stay connected even after exhausting their data allocation.
  5. Free Voice Call Service: Users are entitled to 200 minutes of free voice calls, enhancing the overall value of the plan.
  6. BSNL Tunes Service: The Rs 107 plan includes complimentary access to the BSNL Tunes service for the entire 35-day duration.

Ideal for Keeping SIM Active at a Low Cost:

This cost-effective plan serves as an ideal choice for individuals looking to maintain an active SIM without breaking the bank.

With 200 minutes of free calling and a validity period of 35 days, BSNL’s Rs 107 plan addresses the needs of users seeking an affordable solution to stay connected.

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Who Benefits from This Plan:

Users looking for an economical way to keep their SIM active.

Those with modest data requirements seeking a budget-friendly option.

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