BSNL Unveils Affordable Annual Plan at Just Rs 797

BSNL, the government-owned telecommunications giant, introduces its latest offering, a wallet-friendly annual plan priced at Rs 797, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity for an entire year.

With attractive benefits and minimal daily expenses, this plan promises great value for customers seeking long-term affordability.

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BSNL Rs 797 Recharge Plan Highlights:

Year-long Validity: Enjoy a full 365 days of connectivity with BSNL’s Rs 797 annual plan, offering unparalleled convenience.

Daily Data Allocation: Subscribers receive a generous daily allowance of 2GB high-speed data, ensuring seamless internet access.

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Free SMS: Access to 100 free SMS daily, facilitating effortless communication throughout the year.

Ideal for Secondary SIMs: Perfect for individuals seeking cost-effective options to keep secondary SIMs active year-round, without compromising on quality.

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Value Proposition: While not offering extensive free data or unlimited calls, the plan’s standout feature lies in its unmatched validity period, making it an ideal choice for those prioritizing long-term connectivity.

Best Plan for Dual-SIM Users:

For users managing dual-SIM phones, where one serves as the primary and the other as a secondary connection, BSNL’s Rs 797 plan emerges as a compelling option.

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Its affordability and extended validity cater perfectly to the needs of users seeking consistent connectivity throughout the year.

Monthly Expense Breakdown:

Monthly Cost: At just Rs 66 per month, subscribers can maintain their SIM active for 12 months, translating to a mere Rs 2 per day.


Additional Benefits: Despite its low monthly expense, the plan offers complimentary calls and data for select months, enhancing its value proposition.

Cost Per Day: With an expenditure of only Rs 2.21 per day, this plan proves to be incredibly cost-effective for users seeking long-term connectivity solutions.



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