BSNL ₹397 Recharge Plan offers 5-Months Validity and Free Calls, Data, and SMS

BSNL, known for its economical plans, has introduced a pocket-friendly prepaid plan at just Rs 397, offering an extensive validity of 150 days or 5 months.

This particular plan has gained popularity among customers due to its extended duration. Let’s explore the benefits it provides.

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Plan Benefits of ₹397 Recharge

The Rs 397 plan by BSNL grants users an impressive validity of 150 days, making it an ideal choice for those seeking long-term plans on a limited budget.

Subscribers can enjoy unlimited voice calling within the network for 60 days, along with a data benefit of 2GB for the same duration.

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Additionally, the plan includes a daily quota of 100 SMS, free of charge.

However, if additional data is required beyond the allocated limit, a separate top-up recharge is necessary.

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Additional Benefits

Moreover, customers availing this plan can enjoy a complimentary personalized ringtone. If uninterrupted data and voice calls are desired beyond the initial 60 days, users have the option to recharge with a suitable top-up plan.

This offering from BSNL caters to users who prioritize affordability and extended validity while ensuring their SIM remains active.

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BSNL’s Year-Long Validity Plan

BSNL has gained substantial popularity in regions where its network coverage is reliable.

In contrast to other telecom providers who have raised their recharge plan prices, BSNL continues to offer cost-effective recharge plans packed with attractive features.


If you are a BSNL user in need of a long validity plan, we have an excellent option for you: the 365-day validity plan.

BSNL’s 365-Day Recharge Plan

Priced at just Rs 1515, this BSNL recharge plan provides a full year of validity. Once you recharge your smartphone with this plan, you can enjoy daily internet usage with 2GB data allocation.


However, if you exceed the 2GB limit, your internet speed will be reduced to 40Kbps.

Please note that this plan is exclusively designed for data usage with a long validity period.

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While this plan does not include subscriptions to any OTT platforms or reward offers, its primary focus is to provide users with an extended validity option at an affordable price.

Our Thought

This plan from BSNL will prove to be very essential for customers. The biggest selling point is it’s 5 Months Validity. No other telecom provider provides that validity in this price range. Let us face the fact, only a small portion of Indian Mobile users have BSNL SIM. And majority of them are using it as secondary option. In such cases, one recharge for 5 months will be very beneficial.

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The lack of 4G network and poor 3G network has made BSNL less favorable choice for Indian consumers. Only people who buy BSNL is because of it’s strong calling signal reception. You can get BSNL signal on mountain top as well.

Will you opt for BSNL ₹397 Recharge Plan? Are you a BSNL User? Comment below


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