boAt unveils a Health-conscious Smart Ring; see specs & pricing

For those who adore both fashionable accessories and prioritizing their health, boAt has introduced an ingenious solution – the boAt Smart Ring.

This innovative ring offers a fusion of style and health tracking, making it a must-have gadget.

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Recently launched on August 26, the boAt Smart Ring is now available for purchase on Amazon, marking a new era of wearable technology that blends seamlessly into daily life.

Look of boAt Smart Ring

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With a sleek ceramic design, the boAt Smart Ring is designed to keep a vigilant watch over your daily activities, ensuring a balance between fashion and health. This ring holds the power to revolutionize how we perceive both style and well-being.

Pricing and Availability:

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Priced surprisingly at just Rs 8,999, the boAt Smart Ring offers exceptional value for its features. Starting from August 28, it will be available for purchase on leading e-commerce platforms, including and Flipkart.

To accommodate various preferences, the ring is offered in three sizes: 7, 9, and 11, catering to a range of finger diameters from 17.40 mm to 20.85 mm.

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Distinctive Features and Functionalities:

The boAt Smart Ring is brimming with unique and practical features, making it an indispensable addition to your lifestyle. Beyond its elegant ceramic and metal design, the ring offers touch controls that enable seamless interaction.


Intuitive Controls and Health Tracking:

One of its standout features is the swipe navigation feature, paired with soft touch controls. This allows users to effortlessly play and pause music, change tracks, and even capture images. Moreover, the boAt Ring App serves as the gateway to operating the smart ring and offers real-time health updates.


Holistic Health Monitoring:

The boAt Smart Ring doesn’t compromise on health tracking either. It boasts a heart rate monitor, SpO2 sensor, and body temperature monitor, providing a comprehensive insight into your well-being.

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It doesn’t stop there – the ring also facilitates sleep tracking, as well as cycle monitoring for users’ convenience.


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