BMW launches CE 02 Electric Scooter in Indian Market

The renowned luxury car manufacturer, BMW, has made its mark in the electric two-wheeler market by introducing the CE 02 electric scooter worldwide.

Since its launch, this scooter has garnered significant attention due to its price tag.

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Starting at a base price of $7,599 (approximately Rs 6.3 lakh), the CE 02 boasts a sleek and stylish design.

Designed for urban commuting, the CE 02 offers a range of approximately 45 kilometers.

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However, the scooter also provides the option of a single or double battery pack, allowing riders to double its range at an additional cost.

Anticipating its arrival in India, BMW has yet to disclose any official information.

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Nonetheless, industry insiders believe that the company may introduce the CE 02 in India within a year.

However, considering the Indian market, the price of this scooter seems relatively high compared to other models available for under Rs 1 lakh.

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Nevertheless, the BMW CE 02 promises to offer a wide range of features.

Enhanced Range Potential

The CE 02 comes equipped with a 2 kW battery pack, providing a range of 45 kilometers and a top speed of 45 kilometers per hour.


Opting for the dual battery variant increases the range to 90 kilometers.

Originally targeted towards teenagers in European countries, where a driving license is not required for speeds up to 45 kmph, the CE 02 may face speed limitations in India, where the legal limit is 25 kmph.


Dual Battery Boosts Speed and Range

With the dual battery pack variant, the CE 02 offers double the top speed, reaching up to 95 kilometers per hour. Charging times vary,

with the single battery variant requiring 3 hours to fully charge, while the dual battery variant takes approximately 5.12 hours.

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BMW also provides a 1.5 kW fast charger for the dual battery variant, significantly reducing the charging time to approximately 3.30 hours.


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