Banks Open on First Saturday of March 2024: Check List of Upcoming Holidays

As the month of March unfolds, customers are eager to know if banks will be open on the first Saturday of the month.

Understanding the importance of timely financial transactions, we provide insights into the banking schedule for March 2024.

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Bank Operations Today:

Today, Saturday 2nd March 2024, banks across the nation will be operational. This marks the commencement of the month’s banking activities, ensuring customers can conduct their financial affairs conveniently.

Bank Holidays in March 2024:

Planning your financial tasks ahead? Here’s a comprehensive list of bank holidays in March 2024:

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  1. March 3: Sunday – Nationwide bank closure.
  2. March 8: Maha Shivratri/Shivratri holiday.
  3. March 9: Second Saturday – All banks closed.
  4. March 10: Sunday – Nationwide bank closure.
  5. March 12: Restricted holidays for the beginning of Ramadan.
  6. March 17: Sunday – Nationwide bank closure.
  7. March 22: Bihar Day – Banks closed in Patna.
  8. March 23: Martyrdom day of Bhagat Singh – Bank holiday in many states.
  9. March 24: Sunday – Nationwide bank closure.
  10. March 25: Holi – Banks closed nationwide.
  11. March 29: Good Friday – Banks closed.
  12. March 30: Fourth Saturday – No banking operations nationwide.
  13. March 31: Sunday – Nationwide bank closure.

Key Festivals in March 2024:

The month of March brings significant festivals such as Shivratri, Holi, and Good Friday, resulting in bank closures.

Customers are advised to plan their banking needs accordingly, utilizing online banking services during holidays.

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