Bajaj to Unveil India’s First CNG Motorcycle: What to Expect

The landscape of two-wheelers in India is poised for a revolutionary shift as Bajaj gears up to introduce the country’s first factory-fitted CNG motorcycle.

While CNG has been a staple in cars since 2010, its adoption in two-wheelers has been sparse. However, with Bajaj’s groundbreaking initiative, this is set to change.

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Mileage Breakthrough Expected

Among Bajaj’s existing lineup, the Platina stands out for its impressive mileage, reaching up to 70 kmpl as per ARAI.

Anticipations run high that the forthcoming CNG bike will surpass this benchmark, potentially claiming the title of the highest mileage bike in its segment.

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Leveraging Existing Engine Technology

Bajaj is likely to leverage its proven 110cc engine, already powering models like the Platina 110cc and CT110X, for the new CNG bike.

This engine, delivering 8.6PS power and 9.81Nm torque on petrol, offers a robust performance.

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Alternatively, the 125cc engine from the CT125X lineup could be considered for enhanced power delivery, given the inherent lower power output of CNG.

Bi-Fuel Setup for Enhanced Convenience

The upcoming CNG bike is expected to feature a bi-fuel setup, allowing riders the flexibility to switch between CNG and petrol seamlessly.

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With a dedicated switch, users can effortlessly transition between the two fuel sources, ensuring uninterrupted rides.

The CNG tank is speculated to be housed under the seat, while the petrol tank retains its conventional placement.


Pricing and Launch Details

While the CNG motorcycle promises economical running costs, initial reports suggest a price point slightly higher than Bajaj’s current Platina 110cc models.

Speculations peg the starting price around Rs 80,000, positioning it as a cost-effective and environmentally friendly alternative in the market. Enthusiasts eagerly anticipate its launch, anticipated to occur by June 2024.


As Bajaj ventures into uncharted territory with its CNG motorcycle, it not only redefines conventional norms but also sets a new standard for eco-friendly and efficient commuting solutions in India’s bustling two-wheeler segment.

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