Bajaj launches 2024 Editions of Pulsar NS160 and NS200 in India: Check Prices and Upgrades

New Delhi :

Bajaj Auto has rolled out the highly anticipated 2024 iterations of its popular Pulsar NS series motorcycles, the NS160 and NS200, marking a significant upgrade for Indian riders.

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While maintaining the mechanical prowess of their predecessors, these new models boast a host of exciting enhancements,

including advanced LED lighting and cutting-edge digital instrumentation.

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Enhanced Features

Delve into the notable improvements introduced in the latest NS160 and NS200 models, highlighting the revamped LED headlight setup with distinctive Thunderbolt-shaped DRLs and integrated LED turn signals.

Emphasize the significance of these upgrades in enhancing both safety and aesthetics for riders.

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Futuristic Connectivity

Discuss the addition of a new digital instrument console equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, signaling a leap forward in rider experience.

Explore the features offered, such as incoming call and SMS alerts, real-time phone battery status, distance-to-empty indicators, and seamless turn-by-turn navigation assistance.

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Unchanged Powerhouses

Detail the consistent mechanical specifications retained in the 2024 models, with the NS160 powered by the reliable 160.3cc single-cylinder engine and the NS200 propelled by the potent 199.5cc liquid-cooled engine.

Provide performance figures for both models, underscoring their dynamic capabilities on the road.


Pricing and Accessibility

Reveal the ex-showroom prices for the NS160 and NS200, making them accessible to a wide range of enthusiasts.

Highlight the affordability of the NS160 at Rs 1.46 lakh and the competitive pricing of the NS200 at Rs 1.57 lakh, making these models an attractive proposition for riders seeking value and performance.


Future of Pulsar NS Series

Conclude by reflecting on the continued legacy of the Pulsar NS series, known for its innovation and performance excellence.

Speculate on the anticipated reception of the 2024 editions among Indian riders, hinting at a promising future for Bajaj Auto in the dynamic motorcycle market.

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