ATF Price Increase: Airlines Face Challenges as Fuel Costs Rise

ATF Price Increase: Today, the cost of aviation turbine fuel (ATF) has gone up significantly. Oil companies have raised its prices by 14 percent. This is the highest price point since December 2022.

Following this increase, the cost of ATF in Delhi now stands at Rs 1.12 lakh per kilogram. Over the past two months, there has been a 24 percent increase.

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As a result, air travel may become more expensive, especially during festive seasons. This marks the third consecutive monthly increase.

According to the official notification, the price of ATF in Delhi has surged to Rs 20,295.2 per kiloliter, surpassing Rs 1.12 lakh. The jet fuel rate in Delhi has reached Rs 1,12,419.33 per kiloliter.

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Jet Fuel Prices Rise for Three Months Straight

Oil companies have consistently increased jet fuel prices for the past three months. On August 1, there was a substantial 8.5 percent hike in jet fuel prices.

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During that time, jet fuel prices in Delhi went up from Rs 7,728.38 per kiloliter to Rs 98,508.26 per kiloliter.

In July, prices increased by Rs 1,165, reaching Rs 1,476.79 per kiloliter. This global trend of rising crude oil prices has necessitated the increase in jet fuel costs.

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Find ATF Prices in Your City



In Mumbai, the financial hub of India, ATF prices have risen to Rs 1,05,222.13 per kiloliter, up from the previous Rs 92,124.13.



Kolkata has seen a rise in ATF prices to Rs 1,21,063.83 per kiloliter, compared to the earlier rate of Rs 1,07,383.08 per kiloliter.


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Chennai has witnessed an increase in ATF prices to Rs 1,16,581.77 per kiloliter, up from the previous Rs 1,02,391.64 per kiloliter.

Understanding ATF

Aviation turbine fuel (ATF), also known as jet fuel or aerofuel, is essential for operating airplanes with jet and turbo-prop engines.

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It is a special type of petroleum-based fuel, colorless and resembling straw. Most commercial airlines use Jet A and Jet A-1 fuels for their aircraft.


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