Apple to bring Bezel-less Display and under-display Camera on iPhones

For a long time, the display case of Apple iPhones remained unchanged while other mobile companies offered curved displays for their premium smartphones.

However, Apple is now set to bring a major transformation to its display, promising a heightened experience for gaming and outdoor content on the iPhone.

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Additionally, there will be significant changes to the front camera,

which will use an under-display technology, rendering it invisible and enhancing the phone’s design.

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Bezelless Display in the Works

According to reports, Apple is actively working on creating a phone with a zero-bezel display. The company has approached display supply giants like Samsung and LG to manufacture bezelless OLED panels for its upcoming iPhone model.

Apple has requested three types of OLED panels to be developed for this purpose.

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No Curved Design Planned

While other phones have embraced curved displays, Apple’s iPhone panel will feature ultra-slim bezels without a curved design. This decision comes as Apple aims to prioritize the iPhone’s durability.

As a result, the upcoming model will have a flat display, offering a sleek and robust design.

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The Future of the iPhone 17

Looking ahead, the iPhone 17 is expected to feature a full bezelless display with an under-display camera.

It is speculated that this model may be launched in 2025, along with support for under-display Face ID technology.


The front camera cutout will house face detection sensors in a hole shape, allowing for a seamless and uninterrupted display.

Apple might introduce this display technology before unveiling its custom MicroLED display for other devices, such as the Apple Watch Ultra.



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