Apple Offer: MacBook Air M2 Price Slashed by ₹20,000

Apple has delighted its customers with an unexpected offer, unveiling a new MacBook Air laptop equipped with the powerful M3 chip.

Alongside this launch, the tech giant has slashed the price of the previous 13-inch MacBook Air M2 (2022 model) by a whopping ₹20,000.

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Now available at the Apple Store for ₹99,900, down from its original price of ₹1,19,900, this offer presents an enticing opportunity for prospective buyers.

Moreover, students and teachers can avail themselves of an even steeper discount, purchasing the MacBook Air M2 at the reduced price of ₹89,900.

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Here’s everything you need to know about this exciting offer.

MacBook Air with M3: New Price Details

Apple’s latest model, the MacBook Air with M3, is priced starting from ₹1,14,900 and ₹1,04,900 for educational purposes.

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Available for purchase from both online and offline Apple stores starting March 4, this model will begin shipping to customers from March 8, and will be readily accessible at Apple Stores and authorized sellers.

Reduced Price for MacBook Air M2

For those considering the MacBook Air M2, now is the opportune time to make a purchase, given the substantial discount offered by Apple.

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However, if budget permits, opting for the latest Air with the M3 chip may prove to be more advantageous.

Under the special offer extended to students and teachers, the MacBook Air M2 is available for ₹1,04,900, a price point very close to that of the M2 model.


This exclusive offer is accessible upon presentation of school identification and other requisite documents.

Features of the 2022 MacBook Air M2

The 2022 MacBook Air M2 boasts a 1080p camera, enhancing the quality of video calls for users.


Distinguishing itself from its predecessors, this model eschews the traditional speaker mesh, opting instead for two small and two large speakers strategically positioned between the keyboard and display.

Notably, it supports Dolby Atmos and Apple’s proprietary spatial audio technology, promising an immersive audio experience for users.

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Apple’s decision to reduce the price of the MacBook Air M2 while introducing the new M3-equipped model underscores its commitment to providing value to its customers, offering cutting-edge technology at competitive prices.


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