Apple Let Loose Event: Mini-LED Not Coming to 12.9-inch iPad Air, New iPad Teased


Amidst fervent anticipation surrounding Apple’s forthcoming releases, conflicting reports have emerged concerning the highly awaited 12.9-inch iPad Air.

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Initial excitement sparked when Ross Young hinted at the potential inclusion of a revolutionary mini-LED display in the device.

However, a recent update from Young himself has tempered expectations, signaling a shift in strategy within the Cupertino tech titan’s agenda.

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Reversal in Expectations

In a recent report by 9To5Mac, Young’s latest revelations, shared exclusively with paid subscribers, disclose a departure from earlier assertions.

Despite initial signals from various supply chain sources, Young now asserts that the coveted mini-LED technology will not adorn the upcoming 12.9-inch iPad Air.

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He attributes this change to considerations surrounding cost,

suggesting potential financial implications associated with adopting such advanced technology.

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A Glimmer of Hope

Nevertheless, amidst the apparent setback, Young’s update offers a glimmer of optimism.

He hints at the potential inclusion of mini-LED technology in a different iPad model, slated for a potential debut in the fourth quarter of 2024.


This revelation adds an intriguing dimension to Apple’s product roadmap,

leaving enthusiasts speculating about the tech giant’s forthcoming surprises.


Let Loose Event Anticipation

With Apple’s upcoming “Let Loose” event scheduled for May 7th, expectations run high for refreshes to both the iPad Pro and iPad Air.

The event’s invitation, prominently featuring an Apple Pencil, suggests a significant focus on updates to the iPad lineup.

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Rumors, as reported by The Verge, hint at substantial upgrades for the iPad Pro since its last major redesign in 2021, potentially incorporating an OLED display.

Additionally, speculation abounds regarding a slight increase in the larger model’s screen size to 13 inches.

What to Expect

Anticipated upgrades include an enhanced M3 chipset and the long-awaited repositioning of the front-facing camera to a horizontal orientation.

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Furthermore, rumors swirl around the launch of a new Apple Pencil and a reimagined Magic Keyboard, boasting an aluminum build and an expanded trackpad.


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