Apple Halts Self-Driving Car Project, Plans Employee Layoffs

In a significant development, tech giant Apple has decided to discontinue its ambitious self-driving car project, leading to potential layoffs within the division.

This decision marks a notable shift in Apple’s automotive aspirations, signaling the end of its pursuit in the self-driving car domain.

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Closure of Project Titan:

Apple’s venture into the realm of autonomous vehicles, dubbed “Project Titan,” has come to an abrupt halt, as confirmed by recent reports.

The company’s decision to terminate the project is expected to result in layoffs for “hundreds of employees” associated with the initiative.

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Impact on Employees:

TechCrunch’s report suggests that all work on the self-driving car project has ceased, with a significant portion of the approximately 1,400 employees involved potentially facing termination.

While some employees may be transitioned to other projects within Apple, the closure of the self-driving car division marks a significant restructuring within the company.

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Project Evolution and Leadership Changes:

“Project Titan” was initiated by Apple in 2014, signaling its ambition to venture into the autonomous vehicle market.

The company made strategic hires, including former BMW executive Ulrich Kranz, to oversee the project’s development.

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Initially envisioned as a revolutionary concept without a steering wheel or pedals, Apple later scaled back its ambitions to adopt a more conventional design.

Postponed Launch and Future Prospects:

In December last year, Apple announced the postponement of the anticipated launch of its electric vehicle, colloquially referred to as the “Apple Car,” to 2026.


Despite initial plans for an affordable electric vehicle priced under $100,000, the project’s trajectory has shifted, leading to its eventual closure.



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