Massive Discounts on iPhone Models on Amazon GIF and Flipkart BBD Sale (which one to buy?)

New Delhi:

The iPhone 13 and iPhone 14 are currently available at their most budget-friendly prices on Amazon and Flipkart, leaving consumers puzzled as Apple has just introduced the iPhone 15 in India.

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Even though Apple’s official stores are providing some discounts on the latest iPhone, they still remain relatively pricey for many.

Let’s quickly compare these iPhone models to determine which one offers the best value right now.

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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Price in India

The iPhone 15 starts at a base price of Rs 69,900 for the 128GB storage model. Additionally, there is a Rs 6,000 HDFC bank discount available for the new iPhone through Apple stores, allowing you to purchase the iPhone 15 at a reduced cost.

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Currently, the iPhone 13 is listed on Amazon with a price tag of Rs 48,999, while Apple is offering the same model for Rs 59,900.

On the other hand, the iPhone 14 is available on Flipkart for Rs 56,999, down from its original price of Rs 69,900. These prices apply to the 128GB model for both the iPhone 13 and 14.

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iPhone 15 vs iPhone 13 vs iPhone 14: Which One to Choose

The primary distinction lies between the iPhone 13 and iPhone 15, as the iPhone 14 mirrors the iPhone 13 in terms of performance and specifications.


Consequently, the real competition is between the iPhone 13 and the iPhone 15. Both iPhones offer great value for their respective price points, making the choice dependent on your budget.

The iPhone 15 offers several significant improvements over the iPhone 13. It boasts a new 48-megapixel camera system with support for 4K Cinematic mode, and reviews suggest the camera quality is excellent for capturing picturesque shots.


It also features a faster A16 chipset and introduces a new punch-hole display design along with a USB-C port.

This means you can use any Type-C charger you have at home or while traveling, eliminating the need for a separate charging cable and adapter for the iPhone 15.

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Furthermore, the iPhone 15 features a slightly brighter 6.1-inch display, and Apple promises users nearly a full day’s battery life, addressing a common concern with the iPhone 13’s battery life.

Additionally, users who missed out on Apple’s new Dynamic Island feature will have access to it with the iPhone 15. Both phones come with support for wireless charging, stereo speakers, and an IP68 rating.

However, with these enhancements, the price of the iPhone 15 is naturally higher.

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Nonetheless, Apple has kept the pricing consistent with the iPhone 14. This doesn’t mean the iPhone 13 is a bad choice; it remains a solid 5G phone at its price point, offering smooth performance and good photos for Instagram when taken in daylight.

Keep in mind that neither of these iPhones includes a charger.

So, if the iPhone 15 is beyond your budget, the iPhone 13 remains a solid choice for those seeking good value. It delivers excellent performance and quality, and you’ll still receive software updates for several years, making it a reliable choice.


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