Akasa Air Soars High with Over 900 Weekly Flights, Set to Embark on International Ventures

Akasa Air, the airline founded by the late Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, has soared to impressive heights, conducting over 900 flights every week.

Notably, over 4.3 million passengers have chosen Akasa Air for their journeys during this time, marking a significant achievement for the airline.

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Bolstering its achievements, Akasa Air has successfully met the criteria to embark on international flights, an accomplishment realized within the inaugural year of commercial operations.

Established by SNV Aviation Pvt Ltd and led by former Jet Airways CEO Vinay Dubey, Akasa Air initiated its operations with its maiden flight from Mumbai to Ahmedabad on August 7, 2022.

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Milestones and Achievements of Akasa Air

In its official statement, Akasa Air proudly announced that within its first year of commercial service, it catered to a remarkable 4.3 million passengers, acquiring a 4.9% market share.

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The airline has also showcased its operational prowess by managing a flight count of over 900 each week across a network of 35 unique routes encompassing 16 destinations.

During this period, Akasa Air effectively transported more than 25,000 tonnes of cargo across its network.

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Impressively, the airline maintained an average passenger load factor of over 84% since its commencement, demonstrating robust growth at 90% during the current fiscal year.

CEO’s Insight on the Journey


Vinay Dubey, the CEO of Akasa Air, expressed his satisfaction with the achievements garnered in the past year.

He emphasized the continual growth and enhancement of the airline’s services throughout its first year.


Dubey underscored that this foundational year sets the tone for the future, fueling optimism for further investments and expansion.

A significant development in this regard is the addition of the 20th aircraft, a 737-8-200, to the fleet. This milestone empowers Akasa Air to initiate its international flight services.

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Gearing Up for International Ventures

Akasa Air has already disclosed its plan to initiate international flights by December of this year.

The airline has placed a firm order for 76 Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, comprising 23 B737-8s and 53 high-capacity B737-8-200 aircraft equipped with CFM LEAP-1B engines.

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Furthermore, the airline commits to ordering hundreds of additional aircraft by the end of 2023.

Akasa Air is dedicated to continuous improvement, investing in training and establishing learning academies across major cities in India.

Notably, the airline has also equipped its newly inducted aircraft with the B737-8200 Max Mid Exit Door to ensure readiness in handling emergencies from the outset.


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