Airtel to soon launch its Xstream AirFiber 5G in August or September

Airtel is set to introduce its Xstream AirFiber 5G in August or September, aiming to rival Jio Fiber in the market.

As a precursor to the official launch, Airtel has already released its companion app on the Play Store, indicating that the launch is imminent.

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Renowned tipster Abhishek Yadav has shared some details about Airtel’s AirFiber pricing and monthly subscription.

According to Yadav, the expected price for Airtel’s Xstream AirFiber 5G will be approximately Rs 6,000.

Monthly Plan & Speed

Yadav has also revealed the cost of the monthly plan, which is Rs 2,294 for a 6-month subscription, equivalent to Rs 382 per month.


This plan offers a speed of 100 Mbps.

To set up the device, users will need to utilize Airtel’s app, available for download on the Play Store.


It’s important to note that exact plan details are yet to be confirmed, as some sources suggest a price of Rs 2,994, approximately Rs 499 per month.

Setup Process of AirFiber

Airtel’s Airfiber resembles a tower with three LED indicators on the front panel. The first indicator lights up in blue when the Air Fiber is connected to the 5G network.

If the indicator blinks continuously, it means the device is connected to the 4G network.


The second indicator displays network coverage, while the third indicates connectivity status, showing whether the Air Fiber is ready for WiFi usage.

Airtel’s AirFiber App

The device features a SIM card slot located at the bottom, concealed by a removable cover. On the backside, users will find charging, USB, and Ethernet cable ports.


Setting up Airtel’s Airfiber is a straightforward process.

After turning it on, users can use the accompanying app to select the ideal location for optimal network reception.

The app provides guidance to identify areas with the best network strength and quality.


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