Airtel launches International Roaming Plans (see all plans)

Mumbai :

Airtel, a leading telecommunications provider, has unveiled an array of revolutionary international roaming plans aimed at simplifying travel for its customers.

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With these innovative plans, users can now enjoy seamless internet connectivity even during air travel, making it easier to stay connected wherever they go.

Here’s a breakdown of the exciting benefits and offerings:

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Benefits of Airtel’s New International Roaming Plans

Ample Data

Airtel’s international roaming plans offer generous data allowances, ensuring users can stay connected to the internet while traveling abroad.

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In-Flight Internet

Select plans provide the unique feature of in-flight internet connectivity, enabling passengers to remain online throughout their air journey.

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24-Hour Helpline Support

Airtel’s dedicated 24-hour helpline ensures travelers receive assistance whenever needed, providing peace of mind during their international adventures.


Airtel’s New International Roaming Plans

Economical Option (₹195/day):

Includes 250MB data. 100 minutes of calling to and from India. 100 free SMS.


Data Boost (₹295/day):

Offers 250MB data for a day.

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Flight-Friendly Plan (₹595/day):

Provides 1GB data for a day. Includes in-flight internet usage.

Extended Validity Plans:

Year-Long Connectivity (₹2,997/year):

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Valid for one year. Includes 2GB data. 100 minutes of free calling. 20 free SMS annually.

Short-Term Data Surge (₹2,998/30 days):

Offers 5GB data for 30 days. 200 minutes of free calling.

Perfect for Short Trips (₹755/5 days):

Valid for 5 days. Provides 1GB data.

With Airtel’s innovative international roaming plans, travelers can enjoy unparalleled connectivity and convenience,

ensuring a smooth and hassle-free experience, whether they’re jet-setting across the globe or embarking on a short trip abroad.


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