Airtel Introduces 35-Day Plan with Free Calls and SMS at Just Rs 289

Airtel has launched an exciting new prepaid plan catering to its special customers, providing them with 35 days of uninterrupted connectivity.

Priced at only Rs 289, this plan is the perfect option for those seeking extended validity and attractive benefits.

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Airtel’s 35-day plan comes with free unlimited voice calls, 300 SMS messages, and 4GB of data, making it a comprehensive package for budget-conscious users.

Airtel’s Leap to 35-Day Validity: A First in the Industry

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In a bid to stay ahead in the competitive telecom market, Airtel has become the first company to offer a 35-day validity recharge plan.

Previously, the company’s plans ranged from 24 to 28 days, but now, with this innovative plan, customers can enjoy an extended period of connectivity and convenience at an affordable cost.

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Calculating Affordability: Rs 8 Per Day for Complete Connectivity

With the new Rs 289 plan, customers can enjoy all the benefits, including calls, SMS, and data, for just Rs 8 per day.

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This economical option is particularly beneficial for users who primarily require voice calling and use limited data.

For those relying on WiFi at home or needing a cost-effective way to keep their numbers active, this plan is a great choice.


Airtel’s Budget-Friendly Top-Up Plan

Additionally, Airtel offers an attractive Rs 29 plan, which may be small in price but packs a punch in terms of benefits.


At just Rs 29, users get a generous 2GB of internet data for a full 24 hours, perfect for quick and immediate data needs.

The validity of this plan is also one day, making it an ideal top-up option for users on the go.

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Whether it’s the 35-day plan catering to those seeking long-term connectivity or the budget-friendly Rs 29 plan for immediate data requirements, Airtel continues to lead the way in providing customer-centric and cost-effective solutions for all its users.


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