Airtel Broadband Plans Now Offer Netflix Benefits: Check Out the Details

India’s second-largest telecom giant, Bharti Airtel, has introduced an enticing lineup of broadband plans that come bundled with Netflix and other OTT benefits.

Airtel, renowned for its fiber broadband services in India, is rolling out exclusive offers to cater to its customer base.

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Under the banner of Xstream Fiber, the telecommunications giant is drawing in an increasing number of wireline subscribers.

Two specific plans under Airtel Xstream Fiber now grant access to Netflix, among other perks. Here’s an overview of these offerings.

Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 1498 Plan


Airtel’s Xstream Fiber Rs 1498 plan delivers blazing-fast speeds of up to 300 Mbps. This package offers a generous monthly data allowance of 3.3TB.

However, what truly sets it apart are the additional benefits it offers.


Subscribers to this plan can enjoy not only Netflix Basic but also Amazon Prime, Disney + Hotstar, Xstream Premium, VIP Service, Apollo 24|7 Circle, and Wynk Music Premium.

Airtel sweetens the deal with a complimentary landline connection, although taxes are not included in the plan’s listed price.

 Airtel Xstream Fiber Rs 3999 Plan: 


For those craving the ultimate in high-speed connectivity, Airtel Xstream Fiber’s Rs 3999 plan delivers breathtaking speeds of up to 1Gbps, both for downloads and uploads.

Just like its counterpart, this plan includes a monthly data cap of 3.3TB.


Subscribers can revel in a bundle of streaming perks, including Amazon Prime, Netflix Basic, Disney + Hotstar, Xstream Premium, VIP service, Apollo 24|7 Circle, and Wynk Music Premium.

The plan also throws in a free landline connection, albeit with separate charges for telephone subscribers.

Keep in mind that taxes will be added to the final bill on top of the Rs 3,999 plan price.

 How to Get Connected

To avail of these enticing Airtel Xstream Fiber packages, you can conveniently sign up on the company’s website or visit the nearest Airtel retail store.

Don’t miss out on the chance to supercharge your broadband experience with streaming benefits from Netflix and more.


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