AirIndia to refund ticket cost of Delhi to San Francisco Flight

On June 6, Air India made an important announcement regarding the Delhi-San Francisco flight. Passengers who were affected by the diversion due to disturbances will receive a full refund for their tickets.

Rajesh Dogra, the Chief Customer Experience and Ground Handling Officer at Air India,

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assured the passengers who reached their destination after enduring a 56-hour delay that their fare will be refunded in its entirety.

Additionally, they will be provided with a voucher for future travel on Air India.

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Diverted to Russia

On June 6, Air India flight AI 173, traveling from Delhi to San Francisco, had 216 passengers and 16 crew members on board.

Unfortunately, due to an air fault in one of its engines, the Boeing 777-200LR had to be diverted to Magadan port in Russia.

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To assist the stranded passengers,

Air India arranged a ferry flight from Mumbai to Magadan, which successfully transported them and the crew members to San Francisco.

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Arrival in San Francisco

The plane landed in Magadan at 6:14 am (local time) and took off on the same day, eventually reaching San Francisco at 12:07 am.

Air India expressed sincere regret for the inconvenience caused by the technical glitch and extended their apologies for the resulting delay experienced by the customers.


Precautionary Landing Reason

Air India stated that the pilots received an indication of low oil pressure in one engine, signaling a technical problem with the aircraft.

As a precautionary measure,


they decided to land the plane at a nearby airport instead of continuing the journey, ensuring the safety of the passengers and crew.

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