Airfares reduces on THESE Busy Routes including Delhi-Mumbai

In recent months, there has been a steep rise in air travel fares. However, there is good news for passengers as airfares have now returned to normal levels.

One of the factors contributing to this reduction is the onset of the monsoon season across the country, which has led to a balance between supply and demand in the aviation industry.

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Affordable Delhi-Mumbai Air Travel: Significant Fare Reduction

The Delhi-Mumbai route is renowned as one of the busiest air routes in the country.

Fortunately, there has been a considerable decrease in air ticket prices for this route.

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Initially, in early June, non-stop air tickets from Delhi to Mumbai were priced at around INR 19,000.

However, with the intervention of the Ministry of Civil Aviation, fares began to decline.

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Presently, passengers can find fares as low as INR 4,500 for next-day Delhi-Mumbai flights.

Decreased Airfares on Other Routes

In addition to the Delhi-Mumbai route, airfares have significantly reduced on various other routes like Mumbai-Kochi and Leh-Srinagar.

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Previously, the fare for Mumbai-Kochi flights was approximately INR 20,000, but it has now dropped to around INR 4,000.

Similarly, the fare for Leh-Srinagar, which was around INR 23,000, has decreased to roughly INR 15,000.


Factors Behind the Rise in Airfares

In early May, Go First Airline filed for bankruptcy, resulting in the grounding of its entire fleet.

This sudden decrease in the number of flights coincided with a surge in travel demand due to the onset of the holiday season. Consequently, airfares skyrocketed during this period.



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